Creating your Own Short-Term Rental Empire

A collection of all of our processes and how to avoid downfalls.

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Diamond Vacation Rentals takes pride in creating 5-star experiences for our guests and our partners. We have created a guide for you to start and create your own success.

Whether you are currently managing your own property, interested in getting in the short-term rental space, or looking to streamline your co-hosting and full service STR property management company, we got you covered!

The course includes; an onboarding checklist, Maid Protocols checklist, inventory list, SWOT analysis, etc. 

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Comprehensive Training

Diamond Vacation Rentals has made it easy to create and operate a successful STR company. We learned firsthand that the STR business was a complex mix of providing the best value to our guests while still creating the most profit. We began to document our processes and perfect the short-rental industry and atomize the processes. With these procedures in place, we have created a comprehensive guide for anyone to implement and experience the same successes.

This step-by-step guide is our tried and true formula that has helped us create our own success here in the Austin market, and we are here to help you... Course includes:

Recommended software and prompts (with discount codes)

How to optimize Marketing and how to Price to your clientele

Setting up seamless communication with all touchpoints while being completely hands-free

And much more...

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This course covers everything from:

Overview of the Short Term Rental Market (66)

Laying the Groundwork

Understanding regulations to scouting ideal locations, from financial planning to building your initial team, we’ll guide you through every foundational aspect.

Overview of the Short Term Rental Market (95)

Setting Up Operational Processes & Systems

From guest check-ins to property maintenance, digital tools to human touchpoints, this unit unlocks the intricacies of seamless operations.

Overview of the Short Term Rental Market (94)

Pricing and Financial Management

Pricing and Financial Management, mastering this balance can be the difference between fleeting revenue and sustainable growth.

Overview of the Short Term Rental Market (75)

Marketing & Branding

Marketing & Branding, where we unearth the strategies that transform properties into sought-after experiences.

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