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A list of all the essential items needed for your short-term rental

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At Diamond Vacation Rentals, we're dedicated to crafting exceptional 5-star experiences for our cherished guests and valued partners. Our commitment extends beyond hospitality; we've taken the painstaking work out of setting up a top-tier short-term rental for you.

Explore our meticulously curated list of short-term rental essentials on our Amazon Storefront. It serves as your guide, ensuring that your property is equipped with everything it needs to provide an outstanding guest experience.

If you find any gaps in your rental setup, worry not! With just a few clicks, you can have these essential items delivered right to your doorstep. Our selection is meticulously crafted, drawing from the tried-and-true items that we've personally used at our own properties and recommended to our esteemed clients.

By creating this comprehensive master list of Short-Term Rental essentials, we've effectively eliminated the hassle from your property preparation process. Partner with us, and you'll be on your way to setting up a rental that not only meets but exceeds guest expectations.

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Unlock Success in Short-Term Rentals with Our Comprehensive Essentials Checklist

"Unlock Success in Short-Term Rentals with Our Comprehensive Essentials Checklist

If you're a new STR owner or looking to elevate your current rental, our meticulously crafted checklist is your gateway to success. For your convenience, we offer this checklist as an easily downloadable PDF file – a quick reference at your fingertips.

By relying on this checklist, you safeguard yourself against the frustration of overlooking any vital items, sparing you those last-minute dashes to the store. Our commitment is to ensure nothing is missed, empowering you to provide an exceptional guest experience.

With this guide in your corner, setting up your STR is a breeze. Say goodbye to the stress of unfavorable guest reviews and hello to the joy of creating memorable experiences for all your guests. Let's get started on your path to STR excellence!